Moodles & PLNs

Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environments (Moodles) as Personal Learning Networks (PLNs)

What I understand of Moodle’s and their technology infrastructure is minimal, I have interacted mainly as a user through my participation in the Microsoft IT Academy, now known as the Microsoft Imagine Academy. The support provided to the teachers has been through the EdTech Moodle, which consists of curriculum and forums. Continue reading Moodles & PLNs

Modeling digital age learning

When reading the NMC Horizon Report form 2014, it is amazing to understand how much of what they talked about is becoming reality. What I found the most striking was when they were writing about Digital Strategies and Enabling Technologies, in which something new, easier to use, meaningful and more capable is used to transform what we expect. Continue reading Modeling digital age learning

Formative Assessment: Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

When I read that we were to discuss an assessment tool that our district or school uses I immediately thought of MAP testing in math. Many school districts, including Sumner use Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®)exams which are  “computer adaptive interim assessments that provide a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level.” Continue reading Formative Assessment: Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)