Digital Citizenship Poster: Presenting information in an appealing way

Using PhotoShop, I created a poster based on Digital Citizenship. I found several resources, most helpful was NetSmartz, a website with information on Digital Citizenship. The website presented the information with  several different focus, such as educator, tweens or parents. My focus is my curriculum, and what emphasis I use with students in my high school classroom. Even though that seemed to encompass all areas of Digital Citizenship, I focused on what I specifically taught. As a Computer Science/Computer Technology teacher, I have never taught less than 4 different classes in a semester and up to 7 different classes in a year, which creates a need for a broader focus. 

The poster I made was 16in by 20in, large enough to see the information. I presented the information and facts, in a visually attractive way, combining text and graphics with resources to appeal to different learners. A small amount was for parents (who might be visiting) and/or letting kids understand why their parents have the rules they do. I used Photoshop, to give me insight into what students need to know to create assignments in my class.

Digital Citizenship Poster

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